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In Pursuit of Curb Appeal

Most people spend their time dreaming up ways to improve the insides of their home. They renovate their kitchens, install new flooring, and paint the walls in vibrant colors. As far as I am concerned, however, the outside of the home is just as vital. After working for years as a landscape architect, I'm passionate about the form and function of yards, porches, decks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. An inviting exterior welcomes guests to my home and encourages them to enjoy themselves. I decided to create a blog that would extol the virtues of curb appeal—and maybe inspire you to take your homemaking efforts outside.

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The Residential Timber Bridge Building Guide For Attractive Solutions That Enhance Property Values

When it comes to timber bridges, you have a lot of options to build a bridge for your property, but some of these solutions are more attractive than others. If you are looking for a bridge solution for a residential property, you want the solutions to be more attractive and add value to the property. The following residential timber bridge building guide will help you choose attractive bridge solutions that add value to your property:

Attractive Solutions For Timber Foot Bridges For Lightweight And Decorative Solutions

There are many bridge solutions that you may want to consider for the landscaping around your home. If these bridges are only footbridges, lightweight construction will give you more options for decorative features and details that add value to your home. You may want to consider timber bridge designs that include arches and custom timber designs to give your property unique footbridge solutions that enhance the appearance of your landscaping.

Building An Attractive Covered Timber Bridge That Enhances The Appearance And Value Of Your Property

One of the most attractive and valuable timber bridge solutions for your property is to have a cover bridge designed and built for your property. This gives you a lot of options for the design of the bridge, which you may want to look at historic photos and build a scaled replica of an old covered bridge that has been torn down in the area where you live. The bridge can also be a unique timber bridge design that includes features and details that work well with the architectural design of your home.

Using Timber Girder Bridge Designs For An Attractive Solution That Gives Your Property Access And Value

Installing a covered bridge to access your home may be too much for your budget, but you still need some sort of solution to access your property. This is something that can be done with a conventional girder design, which will have large main girder beams that support smaller beams and the timber surface of the bridge. Even though this type of bridge may not be a completely covered bridge, there are still options for timber rails and other attractive wood details that can enhance the appearance and the value of your property.

These are some of the attractive timber bridge building solutions that will help add value to your property. If you are looking for the right bridge solutions for your property, contact a timber bridge company and talk to them about these solutions.