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In Pursuit of Curb Appeal

Most people spend their time dreaming up ways to improve the insides of their home. They renovate their kitchens, install new flooring, and paint the walls in vibrant colors. As far as I am concerned, however, the outside of the home is just as vital. After working for years as a landscape architect, I'm passionate about the form and function of yards, porches, decks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. An inviting exterior welcomes guests to my home and encourages them to enjoy themselves. I decided to create a blog that would extol the virtues of curb appeal—and maybe inspire you to take your homemaking efforts outside.

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What Are Some Fun Ways To Transform The Backyard?

Are you ready to take on the task of transforming your backyard? If you want to make some drastic changes to the way this area of your home looks, there are a few fun ways to make it happen. No matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve, you can easily improve the appearance of your backyard, making it more aesthetically pleasing for everyone who lives in the home.

Install Decorative Concrete

Give your backyard an entirely new look by having decorative concrete installed. While it is not necessarily a do-it-yourself project, it is a project that does not take very long for the professionals to complete. Once you see the results, you will be surprised that something as simple as concrete could make such a difference in the way your backyard looks.

The process of having decorative concrete installed begins with you choosing a specific type of concrete you like based on its color and design. After you have selected the concrete, the professionals can get to work. They may need to mix the concrete, pour it out, add liquid color, and even add a release coating to it that acts as a lubricant. Certain steps must be followed to complete the installation of the decorative concrete but once each step is completed, your backyard will already have a completely new look to it.

Plant Some Trees in the Yard

Add some greenery to the backyard by planting trees. Instead of planting trees with seeds and waiting for such a long time to see any bit of growth appear, you can actually purchase small trees and re-home them by planting them in your backyard. You may want to visit a local florist to find out if he or she has any small trees available. If not, you can look for a program that provide tree re-homing services. Not only will a few trees add such natural beauty to your backyard but having additional trees near your home can improve the quality of the air that you and your loved ones will breathe in regularly.

You may think you must put forth a lot of effort to transform the backyard but that is not exactly true. In fact, you could have decorative concrete installed in the backyard to give it an entirely new and exciting appearance. Along with the decorative concrete, you could plant some trees in the backyard. Rather than waiting for trees to grow from seeds you have planted, you can always re-home small trees to give your yard a lush, greener appearance.