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In Pursuit of Curb Appeal

Most people spend their time dreaming up ways to improve the insides of their home. They renovate their kitchens, install new flooring, and paint the walls in vibrant colors. As far as I am concerned, however, the outside of the home is just as vital. After working for years as a landscape architect, I'm passionate about the form and function of yards, porches, decks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. An inviting exterior welcomes guests to my home and encourages them to enjoy themselves. I decided to create a blog that would extol the virtues of curb appeal—and maybe inspire you to take your homemaking efforts outside.

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Water Well Pumps 101: Signs Of Imminent Failure Of Your Submersible Pump

There is no doubt that having your own private well comes with many benefits. However, the one thing that can take some getting used to is the fact that owning your well also means maintaining your submersible well pump. With a good maintenance schedule, you could easily see your submersible well pump last for many years, but eventually, the unit will need to be replaced by a new model. Here are a few telltale signs you should pay attention to which will tell you that your submersible water well pump is nearing the end of its lifespan and that you need to make arrangements for replacement. 

You spot a noticeable change in your water flow with no other cause. 

When the water level in a well suddenly changes, you could easily see an abrupt change in water flow. However, if the change in water flow is more like a slow regression until you barely get a tiny trickle when you turn on the faucet, it is a good sign your submersible water well pump is failing. In most cases, the stream of supplied water from your faucet will grow weaker and weaker until you get no water at all, as this is caused by the pump motor itself growing weaker and weaker with operation. 

Your submersible well pump is suddenly much more noisy than usual. 

Because a submersible well pump is placed inside the well, you normally won't hear much noise during operation. However, when the pump starts to fail, you could definitely start noticing noise radiating from the pump within the well. You may notice the motor grinding louder than usual or even spitting and sputtering during use. If your submersible pump is getting noisy, it is a good idea to go ahead and have it checked out by a professional. 

There seems to be a lot of air coming in with your water. 

Air pockets in a water line are a natural occurrence when the water level in the well is low. However, if your submersible well pump is low enough into the well, this should be a rare event. What can cause air pockets in the water line is a failing pump, as the pump will have a difficult time maintaining a steady enough pressure to hold water in the lines when the motor is running. So if your water lines are spitting with air when you run a bath or try to take a shower, your pump could be failing