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In Pursuit of Curb Appeal

Most people spend their time dreaming up ways to improve the insides of their home. They renovate their kitchens, install new flooring, and paint the walls in vibrant colors. As far as I am concerned, however, the outside of the home is just as vital. After working for years as a landscape architect, I'm passionate about the form and function of yards, porches, decks, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. An inviting exterior welcomes guests to my home and encourages them to enjoy themselves. I decided to create a blog that would extol the virtues of curb appeal—and maybe inspire you to take your homemaking efforts outside.

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4 Misconceptions About Granite Countertops

If you are remodeling your kitchen or are simply replacing the countertops that you have now, you have many different material options for the counters. This can be overwhelming at first, and a lot of the time homeowners become wary about certain materials that they may have heard negative things about. This includes granite countertops. It's important to know some of the myths that surround this material to ensure that you can be set at ease if you are thinking about adding granite countertops into your home:

  1. Granite Countertops Stain: It is true that in the past granite countertops would easily stain. This was before sealant for granite countertops was an option. Nowadays, granite countertops will come with an added layer of sealant that will protect the surface from stains altogether. The sealant makes the granite resistant to all types of spills, which also makes the material much easier to clean. 
  2. Granite Countertops Polish can Wear: The polish of granite countertops is what makes them so desirable to many homeowners. However, many homeowners also believe that at some point this polish is going to wear and no longer be the same shiny countertops you once had installed. However, this is not the case. This is because there is not coating on the granite that gives it the polish. Instead, the polish occurs naturally with the stone, so there is nothing that can become worn. 
  3. ​Granite Countertops can Damage from Heat: Another concern about granite countertops is the fact that many people think high heat will cause the countertops to become damaged. However, it's not the countertops that will become damaged. Your concern should be about putting hot glass on the countertops, which will cause the glass to combust and break, but the countertops will remain perfectly untouched since granite is actually heat resistant. 
  4. ​Granite Countertops Cannot be Repaired: Finally, the worst misconception of all is that granite countertops cannot be repaired. Not many homeowners would want a material that is beyond repairable. However, granite can easily be repaired in the off chance that it does scratch. You can repair it with epoxy filler for scratches or you can have it refinished by professionals to buff out any small scratches that you may have. 

By knowing some of these misconceptions about granite countertops, you can be sure that your fears are set aside and you can continue shopping for granite countertops without worry.